The Dynamo Kernel Project
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Binary Distributions

Latest unstable version is 0.1.1
Download (1.44 MB floppy image)

Version 0.1.1 features:

  • Basic video, keyboard and console drivers
  • Debug shell
  • Physical memory mapper
  • Physical memory allocator
  • Kernel virtual address space allocator
  • Kernel cache allocator
  • Modified multilevel feedback scheduler
  • Kernel threads
  • Triggered events and timer events
  • Object classes, with support for standard and cache allocated objects
  • Kernel object namespace with support for containers and symbolic links
  • Kernel handle manager
  • Basic security privilege testing

Source Code

The latest source code is available on the dyknl CVS repository.

Future Releases

We are currently working on version 0.2 of the kernel. This release will bring many new features, including:

  • Address space management
  • Framework for shared memory, virtual memory, memory mapped objects and copy on write
  • Process creation and deletion
  • Process local handle trees and more robust kernel handle management
  • Function tables on object classes, allowing customized handing of object IO
  • Support for 16-bit emulation

Version 0.3 will add to these features with:

  • Thread migration support, allowing the kernel to call system services synchronously
  • Thread local storage
  • A more powerful kernel text and video driver, supporting multiple consoles, escape codes, threads blocking on keyboard input and more...

See the Roadmap for information on the development path of the kernel.